To make your party even bigger and full of all sorts of great entertainment our range of garden games are great products to add on to your order! We have everything from didi cars to giant deck chairs. Make sure you check out some of our great package deals as well.

If you are looking to fancy up the party and your back garden is looking a bit bare? The garden games are sure to help you with that. If the English weather is how it usually is and the day is a bit of a washout. Who says the party has to stay indoors? We at OMG believe the party carries on whether that is indoors or outdoors.

We want to give the best selection of outdoor games to make your party come alive, outside! Some of our amazing products consist of the classics such as Coconut Shy, Giant Kerplunk, Giant Connect 4 and much more! Your party will be thriving with laughter!

If you have any queries about our garden games, feel free to call us on 0116 3800 165 or email us at

11.5ft x 11.5ft Inflatable Penalty Football Shootout
Was: From £70Now: From £65
Buzz Wire
Was: From £60Now: From £50
Didi Cars Multi Coloured
Was: From £30Now: From £20
Didi Cars Pink + Purple
Was: From £30Now: From £20
Giant Connect 4
Was: From £30Now: From £25
Giant Deck Chair
Was: From £150Now: From £100
Giant Jenga
Was: From £25Now: From £20
Giant Kerplunk
Was: From £30Now: From £20
Giant Snake and Ladders
Was: From £30Now: From £20
Happy Hopperz
Was: From £30Now: From £20
Inflatable Wakka Mole Game
Was: From £90Now: From £75
Walk and Rides
Was: From £30Now: From £20