Energy Action Inflatable Package!

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The energy action inflatable package is now here! This package brings together all of the biggest and best action inflatables that we offer here at Bouncy Kings including: Last Man Standing, Dash n Grab, Bungee Run, Gladiator Rock n Roll and 2 Part Assult Course. All of these can be yours for any large scale event!

Last Man Standing:

The Last Man brings 8 players together in a head to head game of dodging poles and keeping your stamina high! Avoid being knocked down around your friends and family to see who will be the final person standing...

Dash n Grab:

The Dash n Grab is a great addition to this package. Do you have the strength and determination to fight the cord and collect more balls than your opponent? There's only one way to find out...

Bungee Run:

Like the Dash n Grab, the Bungee holds players back by an elastic cord and must compete to reach furthest down the alley. Play best of three or winner stays on, it's up to you...

Gladiator Rock n Roll:

The Rock n Roll combines together strength, stamina and balance in a sharp test of 1 vs 1. As the table moves beneath your feet, see who will be the victor by trying to knock your opponent off the pedal stool before they do you! A challenge to say the least.

2 Part Assult Course:

Think that you have what it takes to beat the infamous 2 part assult course? Manoeuvre obstacles, climb, jump and move around the course and try to make it to the end in one piece, not for the faint hearted...

If you want to go ahead and book this brilliant ​action inflatable package, please do check out our online booking system now available to use 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can also call one of the team on 0116 3800 165 between the hours of 9am till 7pm or e-mail us at whereas we aim to respond within 24 hours.

Price: From £1,000

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